Photography Contest

9th Annual Young Adult Photography Contest - 2017

Submission Deadline: Thursday, July 27 by 9pm.
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8th Annual Young Adult Photography Contest - 2016

Thanks to all who submitted and voted this summer!
Winner: The Sun Sets on the Ocean

2016 Entries:

Beyond the Waters

Careful! You'll Poke Your Eye Out

Chesapeake Bay

The Color of Rain

Hanging Out in a Drought

Hey Honey, What's The Buzz?

Lily on the Lake

Lunch at the Bird Feeder Cafe

Peter Pan


Still a King

Summer Bliss and Flip-Flopiness

Summer Blooms

Vehicle Assembly Building at NASA


7th Annual Young Adult Photography Contest - 2015
We had some beautiful entries for this year's photography contest. 

Winner: Summer Rides #2

2015 Entries:

Beauty in the Sky

Busy Beach

Peaceful Park

Shooting Star

Sister Summertime

Summer Rides #1

Thanks to all who participated and voted!


Winter 2011 Catch Your Pet Reading Photography Contest

Local residents submitted photos of their pets reading.

K-6 Category:

Apache loves to read
I thought I saw a puddy tat
My brother's best friend

My dog wants to be a puppy again
Serious about reading

Studying for doggie obedience test


Adult Category:

Franklin reads the funnies
Sharing a love for reading

Curled up with a good nook