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Read everything your favorite author has written?  Want to find a new series or author that writes like your favorite author?  Then, look no further!  The East Islip Public Library has created a virtual readers' advisory service for you called Select Books of East Islip.  

Simply fill out the online Select Books form and you will receive a custom book list within 72 hours!


     Anything can Happen in a Day

     Books by Common Core Lexile Numbers
     Clean Reads for Teens

     Crushes, love and everything in between

     Due Tomorrow?!  quick reads for high school assignments

     Due Tomorrow?!  quick reads for middle school assignments

     Ellen Hopkins Readalikes

     Express yourself: novels about acting, music, art and politics 

     Fantasy Booklist 

     Get Real: contemporary YA fiction for grades 9-12

     Girls in Sports  

     Great graphic novels

     If you like books by Ellen Hopkins, try...

     It's the End of the World as we Know it: apocalyptic and dystopian tales 

     Prom dates and disasters

     Road Trips

     Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will ALWAYS hurt me: books on bullies and bullying

     Tween guy reads: books for guys in grades 6, 7 and 8

     Two Sides to Every Story: multiple narrators and different sides of the same story

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Genrefluent Teen: teens talk about books.

Reading Rants: out of the ordinary booklists for teens with an interactive blog where you can write and read book reviews.


Dark Horse Comics: get previews, news, features, eComics and more 

DC Comics: all things DC

Marvel Comics: get the Marvel newsletter, view digital comics add to the blog and message boards

Shonen Jump: the world’s most popular manga 

TOKYOPOP:   leading the Manga Revolution

Just finished a great book from your library and want to share it with other teens? Post your review on Good Reads and while you're there, check out what other teens have to say about their favorite reads!